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I’ve had a Radi-Plane (similar, if not identical to, the picture on the left) for many years*, and found it very handy for easing edges. I recently added — following a “suggestion” from the home project coordinator, a.k.a. my lovely wife — a couple of extra shelves to a cabinet above the oven. I used MDF for the shelves and my Radi-Plane did a great job rounding the edges (and was easier and quicker than digging out the router).

While checking options, I found Benjamen’s post on the Veritas Cornering Tool Set (shown on the right above; $33 for 2 tools with 4 different radii and a sharpening kit), and was wondering how these compare to the Radi-Plane (or the apparent equivalents, Woodstock’s W1100 Slickplane [What’s This?], available for $13, and the Rockler radius plane, available for $22). Has anyone had experience with both? Any other good suggestions for quickly and consistently easing edges?

*15? 20? I found a Radi-Plane reference in the Aug. 1990 issue of American Woodworker [Google Books]. My versions are branded “RADI-PLANE, L.A. Mathers Co., Stockton, Calif.”

Street Pricing [Google Products]
Radius Plane [Rockler]

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2 Responses to Ease Those Edges

  1. Wade says:

    Got the Veritas Cornering set a year ago and love it. I am reworking an old home and often forget to knock off the corners when replacing trim. These things let me roll the edges in place rather than having to pull out a trim touter or sand forever.

  2. Richard says:

    The Veritas units work great if you keep 3 things in mind:
    – the “sweet spot” angle of the tool to the work is rather narrow so you need to keep that in mind and not “round” your stroke
    – it works better to pull the tool than push the tool
    – be aware of the grain of the piece; it’s hard to describe but visualize the grain as a taper. you want to pull the tool into narrowing grain; otherwise the tool can dig into the edge and leave a gouge.

    The third is the hardest to describe but easiest to figure out after 5 minutes with some scrap.

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