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Here’s an interesting looking tool from Trend. The Multiscribe Pro has a rotating block that can be locked in at any angle with respect to the steel blade. The blade has markings in both 3/16″ and 1/4″ increments and comes to a point on one end. The block sports a pencil sharpener, a bubble vial, and two holes for sticking a pencil through, which is useful for scribing.

Trend claims this tool has 15 functions, but doesn’t list exactly what they are. By analyzing the pictures and text they provide, I’ve enumerated some of the functions.

  1. Parallel scribe
  2. Convex scribe
  3. Contour profile scribe
  4. Line block for holding a chalk line
  5. Level
  6. Plumb (by rotating head 90°)
  7. Pencil Sharpener
  8. Plumb-bob
  9. Square
  10. Ruler
  11. Some sort of device for hanging pictures.
  12. Transferring angles?

I know I’m missing a few and Trend is probably stretching to get 15 unique functions. Maybe our commenters can fill in the gaps.

With free shipping from Amazon the Multiscribe Pro will run you $60.

Multiscribe Pro [Trend]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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8 Responses to Trend’s Multiscribe Pro

  1. I just noticed Woodcraft started carrying the Multiscribe too.


    They have it listed for $65

  2. Aleksejs says:


    Top-left picture: I cannot believe that you can do any of that with this tool. Not even a simple smooth surface, because keeping this tool level and at the same time following surface seems too difficult. Apart from that, I don’t get how they could draw the shape of pipes – the pencil is not at the bottom edge for such precision…

    Middle-left: Well I guess it can be used as a plumb-bob. But for that purpose just about anything can be used with the same success. The black part of the tool does not seem to be homogeneous enough for it to be particularly precise plumb-bob.

    As for functions of square or level – it depends from the quality of joint (from pictures it is hard to determine weather it is a good square, but it seems to have solid joint when the black part is parallel to the shiny part).

    And It seems more of a straight-edge than ruler (I hope that I got that right, I am not native English speaker you see 🙂 ) because it does not have (or I just did not see them in pictures) any scale markings.

    Anyhow – thank you very much for this blog. From Erope, Latvia 😉

  3. Aleksejs says:

    Oh, well… Had to make at least one mistake. eUrope, of course. 🙂

    • martin says:

      simple solution if you dont like it dont buy it,and dont be a critic to something you dont even use or intend to use,if i dont like a certain food i wont eat it.simples!!

  4. Keith says:

    I thought the same thing. I think that the top left picture is misleading. I don’t know how they could have scribed what they did with the tip the way it is … If I’m wrong what am I missing?

    “Apart from that, I don’t get how they could draw the shape of pipes – the pencil is not at the bottom edge for such precision… “

  5. Mr.Miz says:

    13. Zombie Stabbing weapon
    14. Back scratcher
    15. Pry bar….. if your laughing that this one take a look at your screw drivers and tell me you don’t have a bent one in the bunch.

  6. mark says:

    multiscribe top left photo you need to look at video not photo.

  7. Neal says:

    It’s also a compass.

    And yes the picture in the top left can be done. I tried something similar when I got mine. Works well.

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