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CH Hanson sells two low-cost accessories to protect and enhance your marking tools: Pencil Armor and Crayon Armor. Although I find it hard to justify spending a few bucks to protect a ten-cent pencil, I’ve held the pencil armor and it does look pretty cool. Armor for crayons, on the other hand, might make more sense since they’re a bit more expensive and fragile.

CH Hanson designed the aluminum Pencil Armor to work with rectangular carpenter’s pencils. The armor only exposes as much of the pencil as you need. You advance the pencil by sticking your thumb into the slot and pressing forward. The Armor also has a clip so you can keep the pencil in you shirt pocket.

The plastic Crayon Armor securely holds one of CH Hanson’s crayons and protects it from breaking since it only exposes enough crayon for marking. There’s a thumb slot for exposing more crayon and a lanyard strap.

The Crayon Armor will cost you about $4 and the Pencil Armor will run you $2 before shipping. Before paying double the product’s worth in shipping charges, check out your local Home Depot; mine carries the Pencil Armor, so maybe yours does too.

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3 Responses to Armor For Your Marking Tools

  1. Eric J. Mullins says:

    Great tools! I like the Pencilarmor because not only does it protect my pencil but no matter how short my pencil is the length of the holder with the pencil is the same length of a new pencil…So it is like having a new pencil all the time. I like that I can clip it to my work shirt or clip it into the tool slot of my carpenter pants…I also have one in my tool bags and I took the clip off of that one because the clip was in the way. I flip my pencil the opposite direction with the lead inside the holder when it is in my pocket so that there is no way that the lead will break. I find the tools very handy and useful. I reccomend them highly.

  2. I definitely prefer the Pencil Armor – It is simple, keeps the pencil in tact and easy to sharpen.

  3. Jerry Vandesic says:

    Why do people sharpen flat pencils to a round point? It completely defeats the purpose of a flat pencil. My dad taught me to use a knife to create a flat point, but now days every Lowes and HD sells shapeners for flat pencils that produce a round point. Cmon people, learn to use your tools correctly.

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