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A diamond band saw is used for cutting glass, tile, and stone in a manner similar to a woodworking band saw. The blade is a diamond-bonded steel band that has a thin kerf and allows curves within the limits of blade flex. Unconventional Lapidarist has the Inland Diamond Band Saw on sale right now for $228.76.

Gentler and less wasteful than a coarser saw, opal cutters will often use a diamond band saw to reduce waste. The cut is done wet with the integral coolant system. Unsurprisingly, it can do duty as a regular band saw with wood or metal cutting blades.

Inland Diamond Band Saw [store.unconventionallapidarist.com]


2 Responses to Dealmonger: Inland Diamond Band Saw

  1. fred says:

    My daughter is into stained glass work as a hobby – and I’ve seen her using a ring saw – with a blade that splits open to do inside cuts.


    I’m not sure what the pros and cons are between the ring saw and this band saw.

  2. Rafael Rincon says:

    deseo comprar esta sierra; por ahora solo una en el futuro seran mas si DIOS lo permite. me enviarán solo una en esta primera compra?

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