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This bandsaw push block already has one hit against it. Could you face your fellow woodworkers and tell them you recommend using a Joy-Jaw push block and expect to keep any sort of respect? Aside from the bad name, however, it may have some redeeming features.

The large molded handles and wire guards keep your hands away from the blade. While the molded plastic body is rigid, it won’t damage the blade if you accidentally cut into it. The stepped jaws, which are reminiscent of an alligator wrench, will grip many shapes and sizes of small stock.

Woodteck designed and manufacturers this product in the USA. It’ll run you $30 plus shipping.

Joy-Jaw [Woodworker’s Supply]

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10 Responses to Joy-Jaw? Are All The Good Names Already Taken?

  1. Mike47 says:

    Anybody who needs this much protection while using a bandsaw shouldn’t be using a bandsaw.

  2. jeffrey immer says:

    maybe it;s a joy jaw because you did not cut your fingers off!

  3. Shopmonger says:

    JOY JAW = best bandsaw tool…. or a girl in Vegas

  4. fred says:

    Small pieces like the one pictured – might be better cut on a scroll saw – but who am I to say.
    Of course at the other end of the spectrum the PCII controller on our Marvel band saw keeps both the operator and their hands away from the cut job. But of course – we use it to miter big pipe and plate – not cut small chunks of wood.

  5. heywood j says:

    I used to work in the adult entertainment industry for a short time…this almost sounds like a product demo’ed in one of the “films”.

  6. Bob says:

    These look dangerous. That workpiece will likely slip and his protruding left thumb will be split down the middle.

    It will be just one more injury caused by safety equipment. 🙂

  7. flarney says:

    $30 for a piece of plastic?!?!? I don’t care if its made in the USA, its waaaay too much cash.

  8. Big Dave says:

    Oh for the love of Pete! The bandsaw and the scrollsaw are the two safest power tools in a shop. If you need this device to keep from disassembling your digits, then you should not be using a bandsaw … or a pencil, probably. Totally worthless product.

  9. Tom says:

    I’m not sticking up for the usefulness of the tool, but the name must come from the “Joysticks” used to control the tool.

  10. Gary says:

    So the wires are basically railings for your fingers? Wow.

    If I ever think I’ll need something like this for a small piece of wood, I’ll just grab a handscrew.

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