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The drill press table is often undervalued and overlooked in the shop. If your rig came with one you don’t think of it again. If it didn’t, you start looking at tables like this one from MLCS woodworking that’s on sale for $59.95.

The large table, which mounts over your standard drill press table, is made from MDF and has two t-slot tracks for hold downs and an adjustable fence. Looking around the internet it appears that the table is made by Peachtree Woodworking and is indeed cheaper from MLCS. What we wonder is, given the price of the t-slot extrusion — about $13.00 for 24″ — is it stupid to buy a table like this when it would be fantastically easy to just make your own?

Drill Press Table [mlcswoodworking.com]


4 Responses to Dealmonger: Drill Press Table

  1. B. Foo says:

    Just make your own… Sometimes Rockler has their t track kit with a bunch of knobs and t bolts and plenty of track for around 10 bucks. I bought one of these kits and used a couple pieces of scrap plywood to make exactly the same thing as whats pictured there minus the white covering. Took me about an hour and thats going slow to make sure everything was square. Rockler sells these drill press tables made from MDF for over $100… who actually buys these?

  2. Clint says:

    Rockler had the pictured table on sale for 29$ and I have it installed. It works ok but I agree that making your own will work much better.

  3. B. Foo says:

    I just noticed Grizzly has almost that exact table for 30 bucks.

  4. Simon says:

    How much will it cost you to make or buy the hold downs and other assorted knobs and hardware on there?

    For 29$ I would hardly call this a rip-off – then again I would make my own jig for the fun of it and probably spend more than that.


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