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If you’re going to carry a walking stick in the winter, why not carry one that doubles as a pick adz?  While you probably won’t be climbing any glaciers, the pick adz can come in handy chipping ice from walkways and steps.

The handle on the Japan Woodworker’s Hickory walking stick is actually a stainless steel pick adz covered in leather sheath that also serves as a cushioned hand grip. The walking stick also sports a stainless steel tip which digs in and helps you maintain your balance on icy surfaces.

The Japan Woodworkers Mr. Trekky walking stick runs $120 plus $9 shipping.

Walking Stick [Japan Woodworker]

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8 Responses to Walk Softly And Carry A — Pick Adz

  1. fred says:

    In some circles this might be thought of as a deadly weapon. Certainly Leon Trotsky would have attested to that had not Ramon Mrcader assasinated him with one.

  2. FFS says:

    Yeah, I was gonna say: Are they legal in NY/IL/NJ?

  3. Bob says:

    What, Meatloaf again? 🙂

    Name that movie…….

  4. Jerry says:

    This thing is pretty impressive. I would like to have one but won’t for two reasons. It’s a bit beyond my budget for a cane and very likely would be considered a weapon here in Oregon. Sure would fend off the bad guys though!

  5. Gough says:

    I’ve got a Chouinard version of this in my garage left over from winter climbing in the ’70s, but never thought about using it as a walking stick. Jerry, I can’t imagine this being considered a weapon in OR, they get used a lot on places like Mt Hood.

  6. The price actually isn’t too bad considering “real” ice climbing picks can go for as much as $330 or more.


  7. Brian says:

    Columbia gets it… Janet gets it… Brad gets it… Rocky *doesn’t* get it…

  8. Jack Leicester says:

    Gosh! I wonder if I could get $120.00 for my rusty ice ax that I bought for $15.00 back in ’69. It looks exactly the same and would work just fine and look good with a little polishing of the pick. I retired it after hip surgery in ’90.

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