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Not everybody needs an ultra-low profile jack, but if you’re regularly working on high-performance cars you probably run into the problem of getting the jack under the car from time to time. With a saddle height of only 1-7/8, it’ll be hard to find a vehicle too low for this new jack from OTC tools.

The 5200 ultra-low profile service jack is rated for 2 tons. While it can squeeze under low cars, it can lift them to 20-1/2″. A “fifth-wheel design” allows you to turn the jack almost in place and a foot pedal allows you to quickly raise the saddle up to the jacking point on the vehicle. OTC uses polyamide casters because of the material’s high strength and thermal properties, and builds a tray into the top of the jack to catch fasteners and tools that otherwise might roll away.

I can’t find this jack for sale anywhere yet, but judging from the fact their other 2-ton floor jacks run anywhere from $200 to $400, this jack will probably run at least $400.

Jack [OTC]

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5 Responses to Preview: Ultra Low-Profile Jack

  1. KaiserM715 says:

    Here is a similar model from a different company for $380. I can’t imagine the OTC being any less than that.


  2. Jerry says:

    You just had to say “high performance” cars. Of course, my mind quickly went to HF’s “Racing Jack”. I wonder if they race these jacks in their parking lot when they have sidewalk sales. Also, when racing a jack, do you push it or pull it?

  3. Eh Mon! It’s a limbo partay. (Cue the steel drums) How low… can you go…

    If you’re going to put your car that low to the ground, you’ll probably end up getting a lot of use out of this jack.

  4. Shopmonger says:

    AIRTOOL haa ahaaa yeah i supposed some of the LOW crew would like these


    however for race cars and some show cars this sure would be nice. My father retains at least 2 race/show cars left form his life as a race car driver and I know one of them is pain in the A** to get a jack under.


  5. toby says:

    I painted the calipers on an 07 Viper at my detail shop last month and had to drive it up on planks to get it high enough to slide my jack under. This is on my wish list!

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