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Join us as we run down this week’s top five. We also address some controversy (no!) over Sean’s tactical knife post. Remember: If you’ve got a question or comment you can call us at 214-296-9229. (Podcast Download)


4 Responses to Tool Talk #57: Tactical Knives & Adjusting Your Garage Door

  1. vince says:

    Just found your site and loved the podcast #57. I do have a Boker auto knife and some may call it tacticle but I call it utility. Very handy at times to be able to open one handed. Not the fifties any more gangs dont fight with knives. Outdated law and love to here an argument against.

  2. dave says:

    You might not like or agree with my definition, but I feel there are some things that make for a tactical knife sufficiently unique that it could be banned without leaving people without suitable alternatives for those thousands of other possible knife uses.

    Primarily a tactical knife will not have design choices that significantly take away from any of the following attributes, will be a combination of most if not all of them above all else, but having half or fewer attributes present would disqualify it as a tactical knife:

    1) Designed for rapid deployment, not just easy one handed or assisted opening.

    2) Blade length longer than 3.5″

    3) Blade full tang or if a folder, optimized for high strength per size to withstand stabbing motions including the line from the tip to the handle being not offset by more than a few degrees (I could come up with a degree # but for the lack of measurement tools in front of me).

    4) Blade is average or greater thickness compared to other knife blades of the same length and width.

    5) Blade is anti-reflective coated

    6) Blade does not have a belly curve beyond a certain curve radius. I do not have a number in mind, nor the tools in front of me to measure that.

    When a knife is borderline tactical for the purposes of ruling as an illegal weapon, the owner shall demonstrate that their legal use is better served by the design than other reasonably obtainable and similarly priced alternative knives.

    I concede a lot of knives are called “tactical” and wouldn’t qualify as illegal from my above definition, which is what I intend to suggest, that many knives called tactical shouldn’t be illegal but some should. An alternative strategy to legislate would be to create a definition that allows “most” people to carry a common pocket knife but if if it falls into a category of being best used as a weapon then we could have licensing to own one. If the particular knife design is important to the owner then nothing speaks louder than their willingness to pay for a license and be registered as owning it.

    That could deter a large percentage of punks, thugs, and young male rambo wannabes from bothering to carry something they consider a weapon instead of a tool even if they don’t admit as much in public.

  3. Casey says:

    Dave it is beyond me why anyone wants to ban knives. You can find deadlier ones in every kitchen. NY city shook down some home centers for selling folding utility knives. If you want to create your personal utopia you should probably start with rocks and stick.
    Maybe people like Dave think we should all be searched by a TSA agent when we leave our house so he can feel safe. Really Dave, you need to face your fears, man up and take care of your own protection. We don’t need all these safety nannies watching us. By the way my Vaughn rigging ax is far deadlier than your fearsome tactical knife.

  4. dave_c says:

    ^ If you’re walking around in public holding a kitchen knife or rigging ax, yes I think you should be stopped and considered a threat to the public’s safety. Yes every single time you leave your home intending to walk around in public with what you consider a deadly weapon with no purpose in having it except that it’s a deadly weapon, it’d be a positive thing for law enforcement to step in.

    It’s all about context, mindset, and what something is designed to be used for. How about dynamite , do you feel it’s ok to walk around with some strapped to your chest so long as you promise not to use it? That’s ok because there are deadlier ways to kill people and there’s a remote chance that someday you just might want to go mining so then you’ll need it? If you’re not wearing a miner’s outfit and have a license to do so, yes I think law enforcement should be waiting outside your door in case you feel like coming near other people.

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