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Roofers sometimes use a grid of lath under cedar shingles or slate tiles to allow airflow underneath the materials, especially in Nordic countries. It can be time-consuming to lay down because every grid is made to fit both the roof and the tile. To make the process faster and easier, Bahco created the LathKo template, which they claim cuts installation time up to 40%.

To use the lightweight aluminum tool, you adjust the stop to the desired grid spacing using the integrated scale. Then you adjust the jaws for the width of the lath and you’re ready to go. Simply grab a piece of lath in the jaws and butt the stop against the previous board.

The LathKo itself is priced reasonably at $33, but the only place we found selling it was ToolStop in the UK, where it’ll cost you $63 to ship it to the U.S. Anybody have another source for this tool?

LathKo [Bahco]
LathKo [ToolStop]

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3 Responses to LathKo Wooden Lath Template

  1. Geoff K. says:

    How about building one out of some scrap lath? This isn’t terribly terribly complex to construct, and the material is all but free. Hmmm, $33 plus shipping, or a few minutes with material already on-hand I’m using for the job in front of me? Seems like a no-brainer to me…

  2. Mrten says:

    The ‘vertical’ laths are for the airflow, the ‘horizontal’ are to keep the tiles from sliding off the roof 😉 I agree with Geoff, easier to make your own.

    Most concrete roof tiles don’t even need a fixed lath distance…

  3. RoofNail says:

    Surely a visit to a scrapyard will turn up ten bits of alloy that can be drilled and used, the stop button is the key, the rest childsplay. We were offered a ladder top-stop and the same answer was used, cost pennies. We used to use a small cut-up-car-tyre for resting ladder bottoms on. And a strap with a hook on it at the top end.

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