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When you practice catch-and-release, every second counts. The longer you have the fish out of water, the worse its chances of survival. You grab your forceps or other hook-remover only to figure out there’s no way you’re getting the hook out without damaging the fish. So you need to waste precious seconds to grab another tool to cut the line. If you were holding a pair of Hemocuts, you’d already have the fish back in the water.

The Hemocut is a combination of the Kelly forceps and bandage scissors. It’s marketed by two different companies for two entirely different fields. EMI manufactures and markets the Hemocuts to the medical field and William Joseph markets them to fisherman, including a few modifications like an open-finger loop and a rubber coating for a better grip in wet conditions.

The medical Hemocuts start at $6, while the ones specialized for fishing run $15.

William Joseph [Corporate Site]
HemoCut [The Fire Store]
Street Pricing
[Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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4 Responses to The Hemocut: Part Forcep, Part Scissors

  1. russ says:

    There have been times I wish I had something like this. Thanks for the info – another tool for the tackle box! I just never realized healthcare for fish is so much more than that of humans 🙂 .

  2. tmib_seattle says:

    I like this. I’d been looking for a good pair of long-nosed small pliers with a cutter included for using on my fly-fishing vest. This looks like just the ticket.

    Not so much because I need precious seconds when doing C&R, but because having two tools on my vest is a bit of a hassle.

    I’m actually more likely to use this when tying on a new fly. I’d use the pliers to remove the barb if I didn’t do so at home, then cut the excess line after tying the fly on the tippet.

  3. BigEdJr says:

    That’s cool. I like the hook shape handle too. I always get my big fingers stuck in loops.

  4. Bennie says:

    Wouldn’t it be better for the fish to leave the damn thing alone and undisturbed in the water? Better for the so-called sportsman too.

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