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We’ve discussed the Felco model 20 lopper before, but what is different about their model 29 loppers is that they’ve added a spray device to help control disease — especially those caused by bacteria and fungus. Every time you cut, a spray is directed at both the blade and the wound.

Felco doesn’t give much more information about their model 29 lopper, but it looks like the sprayer is a simple handle pressurized container. The sprayer container also looks like it has a belt clip so you can keep both hands free to use the pruning shears.

Unless you do a ton of pruning, you’ll probably want to stay with your modestly-priced loppers and can of disinfectant/sealer rather than pay almost $300 for Felco’s Solution.

Model 29 Lopper [Felco]
Model 29 Lopper
[Felco Store]

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One Response to Lopper Both Cuts And Protects

  1. Old Coot says:

    For $300 I expect lasers at the business end to incinerate any nasty bugs & fungi.

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