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Stanley’s Digital Power Station is one of those just-in-case items people give you a hard time about buying until they’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and need it. What this unit really does is provide power from multiple taps that can get you back where you need to be — not needing it.

The Power Station features a 350-Amp jump starter at its heart along with an air compressor, 200 Watt AC power inverter, DC 12 volt outlet and the ever-present USB outlet to power tech goodies with.

Having used these types of items in the past I can honestly say that they are a pain to lug around; you have to keep them charged up, which can be a hassle, and they burn up good trunk space that could be used for something else about 98 percent of the time. Then when you’re really boned that last two percent you’ve managed to haul it around for happens. You jump the truck or power an appliance that gets you home and you and everyone with you start singing its praises.

That’s the real power of the Digital Power Station, not the digital power status LCD display that adorns the front.

Street pricing starts at around $100.

Digital Power Station [Stanley]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


2 Responses to Stanley’s Digital Power Station

  1. bajajoaquin says:

    Do any of these things charge from a 12V source? If so, could you rig up a power outlet in your trunk, tied in to the electrical system only when the ignition was on, and have it trickle charge when your car was running? That way, it would always be charged.

  2. Max Miller says:

    Yes this can be charged with a DC cord. It comes with one. Many vehicles now have a DC outlet in the cargo area and this would work to charge the unit.

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