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Are you going through enough LP or oxygen that you don’t have enough safe storage space?  With an aluminum gas cylinder cabinet from SECUREALL you can save space in your shop and store gas outside.

SECUREALL constructs their LP and oxygen cylinder cabinets from 12 ga aluminum with expanded metal sides and doors. The top is solid metal and the floor is framed to prevent the cylinders from contacting the ground. All-welded construction makes the cabinets tamper-resistant and the aluminum is both spark resistant and won’t corrode even if left in the elements.

Available in either vertical or horizontal styles that can hold from 4 up to 20 cylinders,  SECUREALL ships these cabinets fully assembled and ready to use. Since the aluminum cabinets are 1/3″ the weight of a painted steel unit, you’ll pay less in shipping too. The cabinets range in price from $400 to $1200 depending on the size.

Cylinder Storage Cabinets [Secureall]
Street Pricing [Google Products]

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7 Responses to Keep The Gas Outside

  1. blore40@hotmail.com says:

    I need to put one of these around my pressure vacuum breaker. I suspect a shady plumber might have taken his wrench to it – the way the threads were twisted apart.

  2. Mike47 says:

    Hey, how about one of these for unruly children to have a time-out?

  3. Brad Justinen says:

    Any Toolmonger with a cordless sawzall or grinder could have this open in 60 seconds or less. Not SECURE at ALL.

  4. Zathrus says:

    Yes, and any Toolmonger with a cordless sawzall or grinder could have your house/business/workshop/etc open in 60 seconds or less too.

    Your point?

  5. kyle says:

    and with a steck big easy they can open your car without a trace

  6. KMR says:

    This isn’t just about security, it is about safety. Here in my township in PA, we are required to keep our unused / surplus gas cylinders outside… the extra forklift propane tanks, extra oxy / acetylene tanks…

    They don’t want any tanks that are leaking, expelling gas into a confined space like a building. Keep it outside, and least it is in open air.

  7. Brad Justinen says:

    @ Zathrus

    I’m pretty sure I made my point. The company is called secure all and anyone who buys this would have a false sense of security.

    My business has high security doors and an alarm system. My house has occupants with firearms. This thing is meant to keep outside of your business where at night absolutely no one is around. I have seen cages like this broken into on more than one occasion.

    That’s my point buddy.

    @ KMR

    Thats the best argument for this low security cage.

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