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Cyberguys has the Super Wrench 4-Piece set for $15 through September 8th. These spring-loaded, self-locking, self-adjusting wrenches claim to work on any square or hexagonal nut from 1/8″ to 1 3/8″ (or 3mm to 35mm), and on pipes also.

Super Wrench 4-Piece Set [Cyberguys]
Super Wrench [Manufacturer’s Site]
Street Pricing [Google Products]

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5 Responses to Dealmonger: $15 Super Wrench 4-Piece Set

  1. fred says:

    These seem to be a smooth-jaw version of a serrated-jaw pipe wrench that was introduced by Heller Brothers Tool Company way back when – and called “Masterwrench” . These were re-introduced by Weil (made in Japan) in the 1960’s and called “Adjustamatics”. Similar pipe wrenches are available with the Ridgid and Irwin brand names – and probably others too. The advantage of these on pipe is that you can hook them onto the pipe in a spot where you are working more or less in the blind – and as long as you have selected one that is of a size that is in the range for the pipe – they are pretty effective without need for adjustment of the jaw opening (as you might need to do with a standard pipe wrench). Like other pipe wrenches they work in one direction (depending on the orientation of the jaw opening) and have something like a ratcheting action in the reverse direction that allows you to turn, reposition the handle – then turn again. These “advantages” might be of a lesser consequence for the smooth-jaw variety where there are other options – like ratcheting box wrenches – but they do offer an one-size-fits-many option.

  2. Toolmonger still puting knock off super wrench product on your web site.

    You are no better than rip-off Colin Gower Kiwi innovations.

  3. jesse says:

    Denis is the inventor of the Myark wrench; videos on YouTube. It looks excellent.

  4. Emil says:

    How to order of this item?(super wrench 4 pieces) i’m here now in canada.

  5. Mike Detter says:

    How do I purchase a set of these super wrenches… Please let me know soon….

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