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Festool introduced a new hand sander at the 2009 AWFS that uses the same 6″ hook-and-loop disc abrasives their orbital sanders use. I thought these sanders looked familiar, so I searched the Toolmonger archives and found this post from Rick. Hmmm, they look pretty similar, don’t they?  The question is, did Festool copy this design, or are they relabeling a pre-existing product?

The ergonomically designed sander design is reminiscent of a computer mouse. On the bottom of the foam sander is a hard pad that backs the sandpaper and helps with shaping and coarse sanding. The sanders use 6″ abrasive discs which wrap up around the sides. Festool claims it’s designed to use their 6″ abrasive discs, but in all probability you can use any flexible abrasive discs.

There’s no information on their Festool USA Site yet, but you can see the sander listed on their international pages. The only retailer I found with release date information and pricing was Tool Home, who will have these available in the US October 1st (2009). They’ll be selling them for $25. Compare that to the Autobody Toolmart version, which sells for $14.

Hand Sanding Block [Festool International]
Festool Sanding Block [Tool Home]
Sanding Pad [Autobody Toolmart]


7 Responses to Which Sanding Block Would You Buy?

  1. Brau says:

    I’ll buy the first one I spot in the wild. Really like the fact it uses the round hook and loop discs and the way it wraps up the edge. I’m sooo tired of ripping 1/4 sheets and getting stabbed by the gripping spikes in my current one.

  2. Michael W says:

    $25 vs. $14. Hrmmm, makes you think about the rest of their tool prices.

  3. Bob says:

    That ratio seems about right for the rest of their stuff as well. 🙂

    Might run a bit higher actually.

  4. Keith says:

    Neither one is worth what they are asking. It is probably just a block of hard Styrofoam. The $14 version is most likely a Chinese knockoff.

  5. Fritz Gorbach says:

    These have been listed in the norton abrasives catalog for some time also, and yes, the one I see first is probably the one i’d buy.

  6. Electron says:

    But how do you hook up the dust collection system???

  7. brent says:

    ive used those, they arent that great. if you have a cabinetry shop and do a lot of sanding they can give you another use for your used orbital sand paper, instead of just throwing them in the trash right away. so it might save money in the long run but at 25$ each the valcro teeth on the bottom would be worn out by then

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