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Over the last few years a host of multitools have hit the marketplace with almost every conceivable combination of tools known to man. The Xtreme Tool Kit goes one step further with the addition of actual sockets. We’re guessing the marketing team was desperately searching for something to set their new rig apart.

At least, that’s what we’re hoping happened. The Xtreme Tool Kit features 5 screwdrivers — mini and regular flathead — Phillips and mini torx, an LED flashlight and a multi-wrench with 6mm, 8mm and 10mm sockets.

It’s not that sockets aren’t handy to have around; it’s just that this isn’t really the form factor we might have picked for an incomplete socket set. And since when did sockets become “Xtreme?”

Street pricing starts around $19.

Xtreme Tool Kit [Duluth]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


4 Responses to Sockets Equal Xtreme?

  1. Gordon DeWitte says:

    For about the same price, you can get the the Nebo Ultra Socket Combo Kit with 19 SAE and metric sockets, 12 screwdriver bits, a ratchet handle that locks at 0, 45, or 90 degrees and a storage pouch with belt loop. No LED flashlight, though, so I’m not sure if Ultra trumps Xtreme.


  2. jerry says:

    The Nebo set is fantastic! Easy to carry. It is a great addition to my Leatherman Wave for which I also carry the extra tip set (20 slip in bits for the Wave). Flashlight? Hmm – I’d rather have the flashlight separate from the tool so I could shine it where I need to work with the tool. A small led light is on my keychain

  3. Fritz Gorbach says:

    I carry a 1/4 x 5/16 ratchet wrench, a 4″ crescent wrench, mini led flashlight, pocket knife, leatherman, and a few bits that I commonly need, (and can drive with the 1/4 ratchet wrench)in a belt case, and that keeps me out of a lot of trouble.

  4. Alan Braggins says:

    It’s a bike multi-tool. The Nebo has no spoke wrench, and won’t fit as easily in a saddle bag.

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