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Lee Valley offers 6 reprinted volumes of vintage Bull of the Woods cartoons. Drawn by J.R. Williams, the cartoons come from his real-life experiences working in an Ohio machine shop (several cartoons are shown in that link to a Popular Mechanics article). The cartoons highlight the hazing, injuries, management issues and other day-to-day hilarity found in the early 20th century machine shop. It’s excellent reading at the end of the day or while sneaking a rest behind the planer. The books serves as a history of sorts as well, showing machines that no longer exist in most machine shops and practices that only the most experienced old timer machinists know.

Bull of the Woods [Lee Valley]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


One Response to A Good, Funny, Read: Bull of the Woods

  1. Cameron Watt says:

    Another “Bull of the Woods,” worth looking up is Gordon Gibson Sr. He was an entreprenneur on the British Columbia coast; a larger than life character.

    The story of his life, “Bull of the Woods,” is a wonderful volume of his recollections that includes such things as logging, fishing, marine shipping, drunken stupidity, even a joint venture with Danish Royalty….holy smokes! By all accounts he was a driven man.

    In my opinion, it’s a darn good read; check it out.

    By the way: My father spent many years working in one of his companies

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