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You would think that with my collection of purchased and inherited tools and overall tool hang-up, I would have at least seen one of these before. I have some old Craftsman double-ended ratchet wrenches that are dog-bone shaped, but this version is new to me; I don’t know how I overlooked this.

Sears has their DOG BONE wrench in both SAE and metric for $20 each. Thorsen seems to have an equivalent for $15, although their version does not have the all upper-case name.

This could either be super¬†handy to have around, sparing you trips back and forth to the tool box to find the right socket — or the bone ends would get in the way left, right, and backwards.

Sears [Manufacturer’s Site]
Street Pricing [Google Products]

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20 Responses to Craftsman DOG BONE Wrench

  1. I’d like to see a ratchetting head, so that I could put on whatever socket I wanted. If they made one of those, I’d leave work right now to go buy it!

  2. dogfriend says:

    The Thorsen one that I saw also had a magnet built into the handle so you could attach a oil drain plug. I almost bought it, but I’m not working so I can’t spend money on non-essential items.

  3. Shopmonger says:

    I would likely use this in a Bike KIT

  4. Roscoe says:

    Would be handy in a tool kit for the wife’s car, or in a home garage to get the odd lawnmower part or something similar.

  5. Jerod says:

    This is not new by any means. There were Craftsman versions of this as early as the 50ies and they were available until the early 80ies. The one pictured is from the 70ies or 80ies and not the one advertised as coming soon.

  6. Gordon DeWitte says:

    Jerod — the picture from the Sears website of the latest version was too small and fuzzy, so we found a better picture to illustrate the overall concept.

  7. rjerryc says:

    Not only does the Thorsen have a magnet, it looks like it is just better made. Is it just me or has Craftsman gone downhill over the years? So much of the Craftsman line looks like china-made crap.

  8. The Motts says:

    The new one from Sears also has a magnet.

  9. ED says:

    This tool is probably made by Innovative Products of America(IPA): http://www.ipatools.com/7901.html . They have rebranded it for a number of other companies.

    About rjerryc’s comment, yes there are more and more Craftsman branded tools made in China every year. Some formerly made in USA tools are now made in China e.g. those multicut tools with long replaceable blades. I never thought KMart ownership would be good for the brand.

  10. dom says:

    I dunno. If nuts and bolts never rusted, were all SAE, and were never located in tight spaces, this would have wide appeal.

    But this does have it’s light-duty place I guess. Maybe as a gift for non-toolmongering friends. A nice set of more-useful SAE/Metric ratcheting sockets and extensions, or even a set of plain-o open/box ends, might come across as overkill or warped tool evangelism on your part.

    Naw. On second thought, give them a Gator Grip.

  11. MeasureOnceCutTwice says:

    I’ve got an ancient, non-Craftsman version (inherited from my Dad) that I use all the time. I’ve got shallow sockets, deep sockets, 6 point & 12, metric & imperial, plus all sorts of combination wrenches & Crescent wrenches. For major work I’ll usually use the most appropriate tool – but for quick jobs (notice something loose & fix it…) I grab this one. Maybe it’s because it’s handy, maybe it’s because it was Dad’s.

  12. Gordon DeWitte says:

    MeasureOnceCutTwice — Thanks. I know, for me, the connection to tools that were my Dad’s is significant. I wish I had that clunky old workbench from his garage that he probably got from my grandfather.

  13. Jason says:

    I see this as a perfect tool for the motorcycle tool kit. 1 wrench that takes up less space of the comparable 8. Something that if it’s too difficult you’re hauling it home to use real wrenches anyway, but just enough to get you out of a pickle, and takes up the least amount of space.

    I like it for what it is.

  14. Muscle Cars says:

    I would rate this a 2 out of 10. About the only good I see is taking it along in case your real tool fails for some reason.

  15. Bob Rahilly/RAHMOC Engines says:

    Hi Guys, Bob here (57). Not a “new” idea. In my first tool box, 45 yrs ago &all of 7 tools, I had a “MULTISOCKET” # 1999 by J.H. Williams & Co. Made in the USA. Not like the current china junk. I still have it, still use it after 45 yrs. Nothing is “new” boys!……..Bob >^..^<

  16. Disappointed says:

    very Disappointing to find out that this Craftsman wrench is made in CHINA

  17. Rodney says:

    I bought my dog bone tool’s yesterday at Tractor Supply for $10.00 dollars each, what a deal compared to Sears price of $24.99 each.

  18. Rodney says:

    just about all tools are made over sees, seems like we can’t do anything for ourselves.

  19. Mark says:

    My duaghter got me one for Christmas and it has been laying on coffee table since. I picked it up ealier to take to garage with some other stuff and dropped it on carpeted floor knocking one of the pins out of it that holds it together and now cannot get pin to stay in.
    Will be taking it back.

  20. Kip says:

    I bought both metric and standard without realizing they were made in China, I took them back to Sears the following day. I told them I was very disappointed and thay I pay extra for for the Craftsman name because they are made in the USA. Does Sears get it?

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