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It’s a familiar scenario: you twist the lever to clean your windshield, and the fluid mostly misses the glass and goes up over the roof. Though it could be worse; you could be in a convertible. I don’t know how many vehicles still have fixed nozzles (the ones on my truck are mounted on the wipers), but if your vehicle does, you can use this windshield washer jet tool from Klann Tools to aim them.

You can use the tool on ball head or fixed nozzles. Just stick one of the needles into the nozzle and use the pen-like body to move it to the right position. If the nozzle is clogged, sticking the needle in will unclog it if you’re lucky. Both ends have screw on caps to protect the needles or your chest when you use the pocket clip to store the tool in your breast pocket.

Klann’s Windshield Washer Jet tool will run you about $6 before shipping. Whether it’s worth the money when you can probably do the same job with a straight pin is your decision.

Klann Tools [Corporate Site]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
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7 Responses to Aim Your Windshield Washer Jets

  1. Shopmonger says:

    I have never seen a tool for this, i use small drill bits, on the shank end to adjust my washers


  2. Jaxx says:

    I did once snap a sewing pin in a washer jet and never got it out again, if this thing is made of titanium or something that wont ever snap it could be worth it for those of us with tiny german washer jets.

  3. Charlie says:

    PAPERCLIP. They’re what, $2 for hundred or so?

  4. fuzzmanmatt says:

    I keep a thumbtack stuck in my headliner for this! My factory jets stank, so I replaced them with units that had more capacity and another hole, but when I first fire them they don’t line up properly, so depending on the weather I’m forced to keep adjusting them now. But I have a clean windshield!

  5. alistair says:

    this is *the* tool that cries out for a laser guide 🙂

  6. Marco says:

    A big safety pin works just fine, and also won’t poke you when not in use.

  7. Keith says:

    Don’t forget to aim the jets a bit high so that at speed the still hit where you need it due to wind.

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