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Weldcraft recently rolled out two Crafter Series TIG torches, the CS125A and CS200A. Weldcraft says the new lightweight bodies help minimize welding operator fatigue. Though anyone can use them, they look as though the designers had in mind pros that are going to have their hands on the torches all day.

Both torches feature Weldcraft’s D-Handle design, which allows the welder to orient the torch by touch and feel for a little more control. Both are air-cooled as well, which eliminates the need and expense for cumbersome water-cooled systems. The CS125A is rated at 130 amps DC and 100 amps AC. Its bigger brother, the CS200A, puts out 200 amps DC or 150 amps AC capacity and both pump out a 60 percent duty cycle.

From what we hear thus far, expect to see these torch bodies at the local welding supply shop soon with a buy-in price of about $50.

CS125A and CS200A [Weldcraft]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


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  1. The Crafter Series is certainly a nice torch… but hardly “new” We’ve been selling them since 2006

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