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You know you woodcarving is in your blood when you carry a miniature gouge on your key chain. This isn’t a toy — Two Cherries manufactures this carving gouge in Germany with the same process they use for their full-size tools, only they mount it on a key chain and don’t sharpen it so you won’t turn your pockets into Swiss cheese.

If you really wanted to you could sharpen the gouge and use it as a woodcarving tool; just don’t put it in your pocket after that. You can pick up this miniature gouge for around $25.

Two Cherries [Corporate Site]
Key Chain Gouge [Tools For Working Wood]
Key Chain Gouge [Mendota Tools]

4 Responses to You Know Woodcarving Is In Your Blood…

  1. Shopmonger says:



  2. > This isn’t a toy … they don’t sharpen it

    How is a dull tool anything OTHER than a toy?

  3. Peony says:

    If it came with a cover of some sort, it could be sharp without the risk of your pocket coming apart from it. If they made the metal ferrule part between the blade and handle with a thread on it, it could be covered with a metal screw on cap. it would also double up as a kubotan 🙂

  4. Kirsten says:

    That is so cool! I want one now lol. A cover would not actually be that hard to make yourself, sewing your own leather cover wouldn’t be that hard.

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