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We always appreciate the small things that make life easier around the shop. This homebrew vise is a fine example of what a little tinkering around will get you. Reader Matthew Byrne lets us in on his little project and even went so far as to put together an Instructable on the process.

The idea behind this project was to create a simple and useful woodworking vice that could be clamped to my makeshift workbench (my desk). As I don’t have any metal working equipment, and only a few hand tools, a wood based vice made sense. Also, the wooden clamps I made a few weeks ago have performed so well that they seemed to be a good base for the project.

It wound up looking great, and as you can see from the above pics, it doesn’t take a whole lot by way of materials to build. Check it out if you have the time — you never know when this kind of MacGyvering will come in handy.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]
Wooden vice [Instructables]


One Response to MacGyver-Style Workbench Vise

  1. Matt Byrne says:

    Tee he he, thanks for the write up guys – glad you liked it ! And also many thanks for the comparison to the mighty MacGyver.

    keep up the good work


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