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Sharpening flat edges is relatively easy; trying to match the curve of a gouge requires more skill and a bunch of curved stones. DMT is trying to make it easier to keep a keen edge on your curved tools with their new Diamond Wave.

While it looks like a piece of metal that’s had a bad day, it’s actually a combination of convex and concave surfaces coated with a micronized mono-crystalline diamond coating. The curves vary precisely from a radius of 0.0625″ to 1″, which gives it the ability to sharpen a wide range of curved tools. You can use the Diamond Wave dry or with water.

DMT makes the Diamond Wave in the USA. Available in fine (25-micron/600 mesh) or extra-fine (9-micron/1200-mesh), pricing starts at $47 shipped for either “stone.”

DMT Diamond Wave [Press Release]
Diamond Wave [WoodCraft]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

Add Manufacturer DMT (http://www.dmtsharp.com/index.html))

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4 Responses to The Diamond Wave

  1. Shopmonger says:

    I do a lot of turning, and this looks like a good idea for a quick touch up of some very complex curve tools. keep one beside the lathe and BAM…. a nice sharp edge, anyone use one yet?


  2. Rick says:

    I use a Jooltool for sharpening my lathe gouges.. and pretty much everything else..

    I’m still surprised at how fast it is at sharpening.

  3. Gary says:

    Shopmonger, I’d think a flat paddle diamone hone would be faster than this thing – which is what I do if I just need a touch up. Generally, I just go to the grinder and my wolverine jig, but I like an irish grind on my bowl gouges.

    I did point my wife (who’s a carver) at it tho.

  4. Shopmonger says:

    Yeah I don’t use any “special jigs” I was trained to be a machinist so i use only hand grinders and tools, but a flat cannot get all the “special” grinds i do on some of my tools……but you are right, a flat does A GREAT job for quick clean ups
    But i like the idea for my carving tools, good call… that is awesome.


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