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In an industry that doesn’t get this kind of love very much, I must hand it to the guys over at Craftsman. The revamp of the Garage of Knowledge is pretty slick. It’s no longer a space reminiscent of an aircraft hanger but rather styled after a garage someone might actually have. It’s also a wrap-around 3D type of affair.

I must have played with it for 20 minutes the other day for no good reason other than wishing my garage looked like this. You can’t click on every tool hanging on the walls and such but they are at least getting a more manageable access to tools now. If you’re not into all the high-tech wrap-arounds and just want tools, the menu options at the top still work like always.

It’s worth a few clicks if you’re just messing around online drooling over tools.

Garage of Knowledge [Craftsman]


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  1. Joshua says:

    Link goes to the Lawn Tractor section of the craftsman site.

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