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Alloy Artifacts is an insanely detailed compendium of hand tool history. When I came across it I thought, “Hey, how much could they write about wrenches?” — and an hour later I had barely scratched the surface of this site. Rather than start on their main page I suggest heading over to the site index, which has an alphabetical listing of all the tool manufacturers, designers and patents.

I loved reading about the history of the Vlchek company; I had always wondered about the story behind the name I found on many of my yard-sale finds. In any case this is an amazing site and well worth clearing your schedule for.

Alloy Artifacts [Website]


2 Responses to Alloy Artifacts

  1. Shopmonger says:

    Another hour wasted…well at least spent in the relm of tools….Nice find, this site was a lot of fun and excitement. I will spend many more hours there just reading about tool history….


  2. PutnamEco says:

    Nice find. Shame more of these old tool companies aren’t around any more. I hope some one is interested in classic powertools enough to start a similar website.

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