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The $5 Screw Key set puts one Phillips and one slotted blade on your key ring. They’re made from heat-treated blackened steel. Are these any better — or worse — than the Utili-Key (Noted on TM back in May of this year and again in July 2008)? Or, with a little grinding and drilling work, you could make your own from a couple of old bits. What do you think?

County Comm [Manufacturer’s Site]

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5 Responses to Screw Key Or Utili-Key?

  1. Jaxx says:

    Must be pretty hard work to drill into a hex bit, even on a pillar drill?

  2. Eric says:

    Personally, I like the folding screwdrivers from Swiss-Tech. But having lost mine a few months ago, I am making do with a set of Screw Keys that I picked up at the local Ace Hardware. They aren’t black oxide, but chrome plated, but the pair cost me all of $2, so I can’t complain. Any chance I have to carry a full-size bit screwdriver at-the-ready (when I don’t have a Leatherman), I’ll take.

    I recently went with my girlfriend’s father to one of his rental houses to replace some fence boards. We took his car, and upon getting there realized that he forgot to pack the driver bits for his Makita drill. Fortunately, I had the Screw Keys with me, and since we were only driving about a dozen screws, it was practical. We would have been in a pinch otherwise.

  3. Doofus says:

    I’ve had two Utili-Keys and on both of them, the spring “catch” part that locks onto the keyring has bent/broken inside a year. Also, it’s hard to use the tool sometimes without being -very- careful of the blade.

    It’s a nice design, but alas the real world kicks its arse.

  4. russ says:

    I had one similar, flat head only, no spring – just heavy metal. TSA took it away.

  5. steelstr45 says:

    I own these. They are great. Even though I usually have a multitool on me, it’s really nice to have a really strong, high quality set of drivers on my keychain too.

    They have surprising torque for their size, and they feel a lot more heavy duty that the crap you’ll find in the store.

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