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Sometime in early spring it came out that Shiraz Baliola, the man who owns Grizzly, has taken over the South Bend Lathe company. The plan is to have South Bend Lathes made in Taiwan but using South Bend designs, patterns and high-quality components. Their website is live but so far there are no details on most of the products they promise. You can see the Grizzly – South Bend Link as Grizzly is handling for South Bend, which retains an impressive quantity of original parts and promises to reproduce parts they don’t have.

There’s a long thread that was closed (due to typical internet forum shenanigans) on the Practical Machinist site that has interesting details on the resurrection as well as many posts from Mr. Baliola about the deal. Many years ago someone tried something similar with the Atlas Press company, but they were just rebadged typical import mills and lathes. It will be great if South Bend pulls this off, although given the state of the economy we’re not sure if the demand is there for import machines that cost more than the import machines already available from sellers like Grizzly. Now my head hurts…

Grizzly [Website]


One Response to Grizzly Takes Over South Bend, Sort Of

  1. Rick says:

    Seems like PapaGrizzly has been a busy busy boy.

    BTW, his forums posts don’t surprise me at all. He’s been posting on the woodnet forums for years. IMO he’s a good guy.

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