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“No batteries, no electricity needed!” Okay, so the is a bit overboard*, but $8 for the DuraGear Flexible Shaft Screwdriver seems reasonable (especially with free shipping, if you remember to specifically click that option during checkout). Five sockets and six bits store in the handle, with eight more bits in a ring at the bottom of the screwdriver and one in the tip. The flexible shaft retracts, and the base of the handle includes a built-in slot for driving cup hooks.

*Although it did mention that the New York Times selected the screwdriver as the “Most Useful Tool of the Millennium” in a Y2K supplement.

Street Pricing [Google Products]
Screwdriver Feature [New York Times]

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4 Responses to Dealmonger: DuraGear Flexible Shaft Screwdriver for $8

  1. Jaxx says:

    I got this as a gift from a well meaning relative at christmas, it is as cheap and as plastic as you would expect, but fairly robust and usefull as a screwdriver with lots of handy bits in the base.

    However the flexishaft has got stuck in the extended position, and as with the case with all of this type of thing there is no way you can get enough torque when its extended and lodged in a hard to reach spot, as you still need to keep two fingers at the head to stop the shaft flexing too much, you are better off putting together as many socket extensions and knuckles as you can.

    Not really worth it for that one hard to reach screw.

  2. ED says:

    The basic retractable flex extension design is a fairly common tool, every one from Asia as far as I can tell. Durapro makes one that looks as good as any: http://www.durapro.com/durapro/hand_tools/02_103.html .

  3. Emmanuel says:

    How does this exactly work? I mean it transmits rotational motion from one end to the oter, but; does it use only a flexibe steel wire, or else? Secondly is there any change in the angular velocity (like in a Cardan joint), and power being transmited to the driven end?
    thanks for your comments

  4. This thing is awesome. It was a Christmas gift, but I have used it for everything from working on car engines to guns.

    The flexible shaft can handle a great amount of torque. There were several jobs that I could not have completed without this thing. It’s also a great regular screw driver. Well worth the money, I wish I had bought 2.

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