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Bosch’s model 4410L miter saw is the kin of Cain, the Terminator’s son, and ten inches of high-RPM fury rolled into one. As far as table-top miter saws go, it’s hard to beat the dual-bevel sliding arrangement found in the 4410L. You get the smooth action of a sliding miter saw, and as a bonus, two angles of adjustment. You can change the angle of the blade relative to the backstop and relative to the wood’s top surface, allowing very complex cuts. There aren’t many woodworkers whose trades require such an elaborate range of adjustment, but they’ll appreciate how this saw makes very complex geometries possible. Geodesic dome out of two-by-fours, anyone?

You do pay a price for both Bosch’s name and the saw’s extensive feature list. Amazon’s asking price is a cool $526, which is reasonable compared to the saw’s $1,100 list price. The money will get you excellent quality, with positive detents for precise adjustment and cast angle markers that won’t fade with time. Of course not to be left out, it also comes with a laser beam attached to the head stock.

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12 Responses to Bosch Dual-Bevel Miter Saw

  1. Lex Dodson says:

    Toolmonger regulars will note that this saw has been covered before, but it remains the king of the hill.

  2. Kyle says:

    I own this saw. It is really nice. Two complaints though. 1.) It is effing heavy. Its over 50 pounds. 2.) The laser only turns on when the saw is spinning. I’m always jealous when I see norm’s. His turns on prior to the blade engaging.

    To be honest, I’d look at other brands if I had to replace it. That doesn’t mean I’d go with something different, just that I’m not 100% happy.

  3. Jim says:

    I recently bought this saw when my inexpensive compound miter saw refused to be set to 90 any more. This is my first experience with a sliding miter saw and I couldn’t be happier. The fit and finish is really nice and short of going to Festool, I’m not sure you could do better. Because of it’s weight I found it cheaper local than online, which is a rarity.
    It operates very smoothly and it even sounds powerful when you fire it up. While I’m gushing I’ll also mention that the handle is also great because it’s 3 position, the wings can be locked and have flip stops for repeat cuts, and you can do tool free adjustments to fine tune the angles (no shims required). It is definitely not cheap, but it doesn’t feel it. It may be overkill for what I’ll use it for, but I don’t see me needing to replace this, because I don’t see it wearing out or me reaching the limits of its precision or capabilities. Definitely see one in person if you’re in the market for this type of saw.

  4. Roscoe says:

    I’ve had this saw for 5 years… it’s still one of the best out there, but come on, a review on a 5 year old tool?

  5. donutboy says:

    Great saw but very very heavy. But this saw is a shop set up. Not a traveling work saw.

    One thing-

    List price of $1,100 bucks would put the margin at almost 50% for a small mom and pop store. It would be close to 65% for Amazon. Using List price and the price you paid on Amazon isn’t really saying you got a good deal.

  6. Barri says:

    If you in the market for a good saw then Makita has the LS1016L out now. I have read reviews saying it’s better than the Kapex. Might be my next saw if i keep hearing such great reviews.

  7. fred says:

    We use miter saws a lot – somtimes setting up 3 on a jobsite.
    We currently have both this Bosch and some newer Makitas. Most of my trim carpenters like the new Makita’s better than the Bosch’s – but I suspect that they would do a toss up and decide based on price – if they were buying their own.

    As far as weight is concerned – donutboy is probably right – but on some jobs we bring one of our unisaws out to the site – so weight isn’t everything – as long as you have the need and the crew to muscle the site-shop into place.

  8. Gary says:

    Shop around. I got the 12″ version for less than $500. And does anyone still believe Amazon’s list prices are at all reality based?

  9. Brau says:

    Having used a Bosch and a Makita, I definitely prefer the Makita compound sliding miter for the effortless intuitive manner in which they operate, and the broader table certainly helps when cutting 12″ wide stock.

  10. DaveD says:

    I bought this from Amazon back (probably 5 years) when they were running a promo and I got a Dewalt sawzall and Bosch jig saw for free! If it weren’t for the “free” tools it came with, I dunno if I would’ve bought a miter saw that was so expensive. But so far I’ve been happy with it!

  11. donutboy says:

    List price is a false mark-up that is used to make even the smallest retailer feel as if they are getting a great deal and capable of making greater than 18% margin. The Reality is that “list price” is not even a number that is used in calculating programs, rebates, or on the shelf pricing. No retailer is presented with List Price when pitched a buy-in program.

  12. KramKram says:

    This is the miter saw I’m holding out for, in building my woodworking tools kit. I already have a very good table saw but this Bosch has gotten rave reviews for years.

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