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Frankly, I was going to post about the Alpha JackClamp a while ago, but when I went to their website to gather information, it was hacked, so I forgot about the clamp. As of late, I keep running into ads and reviews for the product and figured it was time to give it a fair shake.

The first thing you notice about the Alpha JackClamp it that it has this extra bar where other bar clamps just have a jaw pad. This extra bar gives the JackClamp some interesting abilities. As a bar clamp, it has a 13″ deep throat for clamping around obstructions. Flipping the handle around the extra bar gives the JackClamp a 33″ spreading span.

The JackClamp can also be configured as a jack that can lift 250 lbs. up to 33″ or a hoist. A four-brake holding system keeps the clamp put, no matter the configuration. Other features include vertical and horizontal bubble vials inside the fixed jaw and Imperial and metric graduations stamped on the lower bar. Lowell Thomas Tools manufactures the JackClamp in the USA.

Prices for one clamp start at over $40, but you can get discounts for buying multiple clamps. We’d like to hear if any of our readers have experience with the Alpha JackClamp, but either way we’d like to know whether you think the Alpha JackClamp looks like a valuable addition to the collection. Let us know in comments.

Alpha JackClamp [Corporate Site]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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7 Responses to Hot or Not? The Alpha JackClamp

  1. prototyper1 says:

    This looks to be a great product. Lets hope they can get this into all the big box stores. There is nothing like holding and trying a tool before you buy.

  2. fred says:

    @prototyper1 Says:

    Good luck with ever seeing this at a big box. It would need to meet their price point and compete with the likes of Rubbermaid-Newell who supplies the Quick-Grip/Irwin clamps to HD and Lowes

  3. Brau says:

    Re the photos in the Ad: Yeah the under sink deep clamping is a worthwhile feature but the other two pics are things any decent clamp/spreader bar can do. Can’t say I’d pay extra for these because they’ll also be heavier, bigger, and clumsier.

  4. Shopmonger says:

    Yeah i like the deep through idea, even fro some work benches when you need to get more in teh middle of a wide board….. Clamps= Sanding tools= screwdrivers= knives= can never have enough


  5. Zepe says:

    I have used this product and I really like it. The clamp is tough and you can lubricate the bar so that it slides a bit easier and the brake will not slip. Lubrication of the bar isn’t necessary, but it helps the new clamp slide a bit easier. I used them in tandem whereby I was able to combine two clamps so that I could clamp to one side of a frame and use the other bar to act as a spreader, freeing up a hand. I bough four of these and then later bought four more and I love these clamps.

    They now have a pair of accessories that allow one to get into a space as narrow as 1/4″ which can be handy if your installing a deck and some of your material is warped. another is an adapter for clamping round materials together.

    I’d recommend them to anyone.

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