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Forstner bits are awesome. After discovering them for myself, I use my set every chance I get. Even the less-expensive bits leave smooth bore holes with almost no splintering. If you’re a serious woodworker you might want to take a look at some of the finer bits on the market: Bormax Forstner style bits from German manufacturer FAMAG.

The patented design is formed by razor-sharp teeth set in a “wave-form” pattern. It produces less friction and heat, requires less power, and wears slower than other Forstner-style bits. The “wave-form” pattern also clears dust and chips efficiently, producing tear-free and accurate holes. You can use the bits in wood, MDF, plywood, and plastic.

Precision machined from high carbon steel, the imperial sized bits either have a 5/16″ or 3/8″ shank and they’re sold in sizes from 5/8 to 2-1/4″. You’re going to shell out anywhere from $20 to $75 for a single Bormax bit depending on the size. To save some money, you can purchase kits with either 5 or 16 bits for $140 or $530, respectively.

Bormax [FAMAG]
Bormax [Traditional Woodworker]
Bormax [Dieter Schmid]

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4 Responses to Bormax Forstner Bits

  1. fred says:

    We use lots of Forstner bits – and remember having a set of ones made by Connecticut Valley Tools that chucked in a bit brace.

    In today’s market we like the European-made ones better than their Asian-made counterparts. We have bought product from the following firms – and found them to offer quality products:


  2. Shopmonger says:

    It is amazing how much easier it is to cut with good Forstner bit versus a bad one. Cheap ones require you to push harder, and then it leads to a more likely chance of burning. I do a lot of drilling for wood turnings and boy can a crappy forstner ruin your day


  3. Joey says:

    Is Fisch still in business?

  4. Mark says:

    Where can I get a good quality 3″ carbide forstner bit?

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