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TM has discussed 12V portable compressors before (Black & Decker’s Air Station and Master Flow’s Tsunami, for example), but the ContiComfortKit adds a feature for sealing typical tire punctures. The $79 kit weighs 5.5 lbs, is 9.5″W × 7″H × 3.75″D, has a 12-V air compressor with an integral illuminated pressure gauge, a low-intensity LED worklight, and adds a latex liquid tire sealant. The ContiComfortKit will work on most sizes of car, minivan, and crossover vehicle tires. If the sealant is not activated, the kit can be used as a stand-alone compressor.

I suppose using the ContiComfortKit is easier than jacking up the car and putting on the spare or calling AAA and waiting, but does the ease justify the price? Let us know in comments.

ContiComfortKit [Continental Tire]
Street Pricing [Google Products]

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5 Responses to Hot Or Not? ContiComfortKit

  1. Shopmonger says:

    If you traveled in remote areas all of the time this would be worth it …Maybe

    $5 fix a flat
    $30 for cheapo one from walmart (campbell hausfeild)


  2. apotheosis says:

    Man, I used to HATE fix-a-flat when I was patching tires at Western Auto. Makes the hole harder to find, and you have to waste extra time cleaning the tire out so you can buff it and glue the patch effectively.

    Plus which, most fix-a-flat at the time was flammable…if the tire buffer hit a broken belt hiding in the rubber and kicked off a spark, you could easily end up with toasty eyebrows. Don’t know if that’s still the case.

  3. Jaxx says:

    In my experiance if a hole is small enough to be fixed with slime it will be small enough to hold air untill you get to a tyre shop, so why piss off the tyre guy and make him charge you more with the slime in it? If the holes big the slime wont help anyway.

  4. Brice says:

    I use mushroom style plugs and a tiny stripped down air compressor for all my tire fixing needs. If it’s a hole, smaller than a 16 penny nail, the mushroom plug is so fast and easy you won’t even have time to sweat. And if you strip all the plastic off that air compressor it’ll fit inside of a regular work glove, plus run cooler. All that said, a mushroom plug is a temp patch, get thee to a tire store for a proper fix.

  5. Jake says:

    Just bought myself a air compressor for $7 from Walmart which runs off of a 12v cig lighter hookup. Works perfect for the motorcycle, and I see no reason not to keep one in the car too. The best part is that at $7, they have no money to put into extraneous plastic or “slime holders.” It is very bare bones and works, and I like that about it.

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