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Columbia River Knife and Tool has a new addition to their excellent range of work knives by knife designers Josh and Jon Graham. The Razel is available in folding and fixed-blade versions of various lengths and looks to be a very strong blade with a unique design. The blade makes an unusual 90-degree turn to form the point, an interesting hybrid between a tanto-style blade and a light-duty chisel. It’s a clever, high-strength design which should serve well as a work knife.

As an added bonus, there are five variations on this basic blade design: two folders of different length, two fixed-blade versions (one short and nimble, the other with a finger ring for a secure grip), and a massive, 14” machete. It’s great for felling brush, or as a weapon of last resort when the zombies come. List prices run from $50 for the smallest folder to $200 for the 14-incher, but various retailers may offer better prices.

Folding Razel [Columbia River Knife and Tool]
Street Pricing [Google Products]

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3 Responses to Columbia River Razel

  1. mdrosen says:

    Looks like it has the same general shape as a sheepsfoot blade, which is excellent for general utility work. However, the sharpened tip does make it a little more dangerous for the same tasks while trying to give it more utility for others.

  2. Just J says:

    I have and love this knive. It has a chisel point which is great for brute work and the blade is quite sharp out of the box. The craftsmanship is amazing with small details in design considered. The small clip on the right is to place the folded knife in a concealed position (in pocket). There is a small bump just above the blade pivot bolt; this is a manual lock mechanism to keep the blade from closing on you while using it as a chisel. The handle is shaped to be ergonomic and carefully covers ALL sharp points of this knife. I’m a fan and would buy this knife again in a heartbeat if I ever lost it!

  3. Tetsubo says:

    I love this knife. But new knives aren’t in the budget at the moment.

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