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The 1-hp BucketVac vacuum head fits any standard 5-gallon bucket like a lid and turns it into a shop vacuum. This is brilliant — not only does it make use of buckets lying around the shop or jobsite; you can lug it around or store it in the shop in a minimal space.

Once attached to a bucket the BucketVac is a wet/dry vacuum just like any other model except with no wheels. It comes standard with a 2″ diameter hose and looks like a great way to put to work all the extra 5-gallon buckets that need to be filled with stuff you’d rather not touch.

The bad news is the price point appears to hover around $70. Simply put, you could buy two five-gallon Shop Vacs for what it would cost for one of these things, so it may be a little steep for someone that doesn’t really need it.

SpeedClean [Manufacturer’s Site]
Street Pricing [Google Products]

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9 Responses to SpeedClean BucketVac

  1. Ted says:

    Along a similar vein, I’ve always wanted one of those 55 gallon “drum-topper” shop vacs — anyone know of a source with them at a good price?

    Or a cheaper solution that doesn’t involve tin snips, duct tape and general butchery of a “little” shop vac 🙂

  2. Jaxx says:

    @ Ted unfortunatly the best drum vacs are made from old henry hoovers, you’ll just have to go dumpster diving and find a vac with a broken body but working gubbins if you cant bring yourself to tear up a perfectly good one.

    Re: the bucket vac, I don’t want to give any unscrupulous persons ideas but this would be a great way to clean up hazardous stuff and simply put the lid back on and throw it away! If the vac is easy to clean that is……

  3. Scwetherbee says:

    My way old 5 gal Shop Vac had a metal “bucket” that rusted out. The head fits perfect on a regular 5 gal bucket, also the snapper things are on the lid, so it fastens to the bucket and doesn’t fall off. I don’t use it much since I picked up three of the Ridgid 12 gal vacs at HD for about $26 each a couple years ago.

  4. kyle says:

    i would make one of these from a lid for a 5 gallon buket and ald shop vac way before i pay any more than $20 for this

  5. Michael W says:

    I guess this would make sense if you had to wet vacuum up a lot of junk and needed to dump it somewhere else. You could bring it and a bunch of buckets and fill ’em up and pack ’em out.

    That being said the Ridgid’s on sale are a great deal if only for the “latching” hose.

  6. kyle says:

    here it is, not what I would call reasonable at $430 but here is a drum top shop vac

  7. NotFastEddy says:

    Thrifty and thoughtful this may be, but it’s only advantage seems to be the pail, because it’s either ‘throwaway’, or found everywhere, so you don’t hafta waste space packing one.
    Still unanswered is the big question: Why are there so many unthoughtful, unthrifty vax? Stiff hoses that kink instead of swivel, come loose if you tug them, have no arrangements to store parts, hose or cord, and no handles for lifting/lugging/tipping/emptying, never mind the hearing loss and dust spreading potential in ‘normal’ use.
    In my naivete, I imagine paying one industrial designer an extra week could see most of these deficiencies corrected with little or no increased cost in material or manufacturing.
    Intelligence being often the cheapest input, but also the easiest cost to cut, and ‘everybody knows what a shop vacuum is” likely accounts for it. But has anyone come across a smart vac for the shop?

  8. Michele says:

    HD now sells a wet/dry vac to be used with a five gallon pail. It is called the Bucket Head and sells for $19.97.

  9. Tim says:

    BucketVac did indeed launch last Q4. http://www.speedclean.com/bucketvac. Comes with full accessories, super flex crush proof 6ft hose and contractor power 100CFM, 60″ lift.

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