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Our friend Brad was recently schooled in the ways of mud. He fell prey to the same situation that nabs all of us at one time or another: that classic scenario where once one vehicle is stuck the quickest thing is to bring something else in to push/pull it out. Then something like this happens.

We got the Defender stuck. So we took the Dodge to pull it out. Then we got the Dodge stuck. So we took the Backhoe to pull it out. Then we got the the Backhoe stuck.

Yes it must have been a fun and very clean time for everyone involved. Having put my right foot down and plowed right into one similar to this with an airplane tug I can say this image doesn’t capture the colorful phrases and descriptive language that was most certainly going down.

What’s the lesson? Pull from outside the mud if at all possible.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


7 Responses to Flickr Pool: Stuck In The Middle With You

  1. Bruce says:

    The lesson would be to keep a tow chain or strap handy. See the big ole hydraulics on that backhoe? Attach end (A) to backhoe, extend backhoe and then attach end (B) to the thing to be pulled from the mud.

    OR, use backhoe to remove sticky icky bits of mud and drive on out.

  2. Mark says:

    This reminds me of “The Truck got Stuck” by Corb Lund – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDY6bWT5oTM

    I think that if Toolmonger ever needed an offical songwriter he’d be the one – with songs like “Hard on Equipment”, “Allways Keep an Edge on Your Knife” and “Roughest Neck Around”

  3. David Bryan says:

    Daddy taught me a lot about how to get unstuck. He doesn’t have any legs and used to go everywhere on his tractor, and if he got stuck in the middle of the woods we’d just have to get him unstuck, usually using the tractor itself. I remember cutting a tree down to get a pole to chain across the back tires to lever the tractor up out of the mud. I got run off the road once in my Toyota 4-wheel drive pickup and had to get winched out, but other than that I don’t think I ever got stuck so bad I couldn’t get unstuck by myself with a shovel, a chain, and a comealong, or sometimes just putting some more weight in the back. I’ve had to pull a truck and trailer both loaded with firewood up a hill with a comealong. And I remember getting stuck in the mud at night a number of times and all I did was wait for the ground to freeze and then drove out.

  4. toby says:

    Recovering a stolen Mustang…got my wrecker stuck, the next wrecker stuck….the driver of the third wrecker was smart enough to stay on the pavement and pulled everyone out….fun!

  5. Robert Blackmon says:

    You can’t get a backhoe stuck unless the hoe part doesn’t work…

  6. rg says:

    If you think you’ve had a bad day, have a look at this:

    Have a look in the gallery for a few that’ll make you scratch your head:

  7. Erna kurniawati says:


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