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From the way they wrecked out one side of this building it looks like they meant for it to happen. I can’t imagine why, but you’d figure any demo crew could look at this and see it wasn’t going to fall straight down.

Then again, I’ve never seen an entire building roll upside down either, so there’s a first for everything. I’m not a demolition expert but I can’t see how this helped them in the long run if it was indeed on purpose. At least the folks across the street in the building next to it had a nice view of the action.

Thanks to reader Karen for the heads up on this video.

Demolition in Turkey Goes Wrong [Youtube]


3 Responses to Doh! A Rolling Building

  1. Chris Farley says:

    My wife works for the Army Corps of Engineers and supports this type of project in countries all over Eastern Europe and Africa. She is in Afghanistan right now.

    It is a valid demolition method over there. Rather than use explosives to implode the building, they try to internally weaken the structure, taking it towards collapse, but not so close that it actually does. After that, they try to chop it down like a tree from the outside. Usually, the buildings will fall over and crumble on the way down because of the internal weakening.

    I guess they either didn’t do enough weakening or this is a really tough building. But, it looks to me like the rubble pile sort of cushioned the fall and allowed it to roll right over.

  2. Phil says:

    This thing looks more like a silo of sorts that any kind of building. This would also explain how it manages to stay so strongly intact. It’s all reinforced concrete.

  3. RobThe Wrecker says:

    Exactly Phil. It was a building with a mess of internal silos. Silos with the honeycomb structure are the toughest things to wreck.
    If I never demolish another silo complex or grain elevator it will be okay by me 😉

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