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The guys at the Bosch accessory department really hate switching bits. Evidence of this can be found in the AutoStart bit system. Bosch says that there’s no need to switch out to drill a pilot hole when putting holes in hard surfaces like marble anymore — it’s all done with one bit. Here’s the kicker: Bosch says the AutoStart doesn’t walk when you’re putting the pilot in, either. 

We have yet to see any completely walk-proof bits, but this does look pretty close. The heart of the bit system is a spring-loaded retractable pin that sports a cone-shaped carbide tip. The tip makes a super-small dent to place the hole and stays in the dent while you start the hole, so the bit gets a good hold before the teeth get to the surface and start grinding away bits of material.

Bit sizes range from 3/16” to 4-1/8” for the initial launch. It looks like a simple, rugged system that will make a bunch of tile guys happy at the very least.

AutoStart Bit System [Bosch]


2 Responses to Preview: Bosch’s New AutoStart Bit System

  1. toby says:

    I have a set of Cornwell Roto-Broaches that work on the same principle. I have drilled many truck frames (for snow plow installs) with them. All it needs is a tiny punch for the center pin to ride in. The set even came with a decent center punch!

  2. fred says:


    This is about the sam principle we use for using holesaws on tile. We first put a piece of blue painter’s tape on the approximate center – then mark the exact center – then use a small diameter glass drill to start the center hole – then switch to the holesaw.

    For stone – we generally use wet core drills screwed onto angle grinders – so the center hole doesn’t work. In these cases we make up a wood jig with a slightly oversized hole – to start the process off “spot-on”

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