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Heat shield compound is used when doing soldering (hard soldering, silver brazing) on a piece of jewelery or other assembly where you want to protect other completed joints from coming undone, or components such as stones when repairing a piece. Contenti has a 16 oz. jar of Vigor Heat Shield for $12.35 — that’s a lot of soldering.

I need to get some for myself as I had to resort to this…

when fixing a friend’s eyeglasses yesterday. Yes, I used potato as a heatsink. It worked fine, but I got a bit hungry.

Vigor Heat Shield [contenti.com]


8 Responses to Dealmonger: Vigor Heat Shield

  1. Gordon says:

    Nick’s Shop AND Grille 🙂

  2. Mike47 says:

    Oh, look! Mr.Potatohead’s glasses!

  3. Michael says:

    My only question is do you season the potato before or after the soldering?

  4. michael says:

    potatos work well, as does clay, so does liquid paper, as it contains clay. obviously these solutions depend a lot on the scale of the piece youre working on, but ive used liquid paper to protect solder joints on pieces where there were multiples that I was worried about reflowing.

  5. Jaxx says:

    Can anyone comment on how effective the welding form of this sort of putty is for use on thin sheet steel? I often see it for sale in auto restoration mags but nobody I ask has ever used it.

  6. toby says:

    I’ve used a product called “A cool pair of hands” for sheetmetal fab. Works great and I love the name!

  7. Lori Citsay says:

    I’m going to try the potato heat sink on a turquoise and sterling silver pendant I need to solder. I hope it works!

  8. Nick Carter says:

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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