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Apparently owners of the GH1000 Grasshog XP String Trimmer largely ignored the earlier recall last year: reported injuries have still gone up from people continuing to operate the units in question. So Black and Decker reissued the recall.

The notice says Black & Decker had received more than 700 reports of incidents, including 58 reports of injuries since the first recall notice and another 100 reports piled on afterwards. The cause of all the trouble is the Grasshogs spool cap (that’s the cap at the bottom of the trimmer) can come loose and hit you or anyone standing nearby. The injuries, as one might imagine, are lacerations and burns, and coming off a shaft spinning at that kind of speed will put the hurt on anyone — so it’s no joke.

Here’s the lowdown from the CPSC site on identification of faulty units.

The Black & Decker GH1000 Grasshog XP String Trimmers/Edgers are electric-powered. Trimmer/edgers with date codes 200546 through 200645 (representing manufacture dates of November 14, 2005 through November 6, 2006) are included in this recall. The date code is located on the underside of the trimmer/edger’s handle. Only trimmers with black spool caps are included in the recall. Those with orange spool caps are not included in the recall.

If you happen to own one of the 200,000 Grasshog units, Black & Decker asks you to stop using the trimmer, duh, and contact Black & Decker for a free repair kit.

Black & Decker GH1000 Grasshog XP String Trimmer Recall Notice [CPSC]


10 Responses to Recalls: Black & Decker GH1000 Grasshog XP String Trimmer

  1. Milt Jennings says:

    My Black and Decker Grasshog GH1000 electric string weed trimmer has an orange bottom cap so it is apparently is a “fixed” unit (the bottom head did not come off). Instead the flex shaft failed internally. Horray! The motor end looks robust but B and D engineers fixed the hazard on the bottom head but apparently not the connecting link. Not a real fix in my opinion.

    Milt Jennings, Mechanical Engineer.

  2. Paul Ancil says:

    Just signed on to your web site and had trouble locating the Model GH1000, purchased at Lowes, Model Nr Gh 1000 Type4 and have not been aware of the recall. I was looking for your review page,, which was not able to locate. For me this is the poorest peace of lawn equipment I have ever purchased, it is impossible to keep string in the spools and do my edging for a very small lawn. Only wish that the entire unit had been recalled. Would like to hear from one of your reps. Respectfully, Paul D Ancil

  3. Wallace Cannon says:

    My B & D GH 1000 runs but the string mechanism does not turn??

  4. betty kiphart says:

    Weedeater comes on but spool head does not turn. How do I fix it?

  5. My GH1000 Type 4 Grasshog trimmerpurchased last year, The Flex Shaft detached from the cord end. can it be replaced? as per part list it is # 13. Help

  6. Jerry Edwards says:

    Own two of the darn things – Would buy more if I could find them at the depot or lowe’s. Mine have never quit. The others B&D sells seem like toys compared to the GH-1000. In all fairness I only keep up a few rent houses so I do not beat the daylights out of them. Again they just work! Aside from the GH-1000 I am not a big fan of B&D.

  7. Joe torres says:

    Have a GH 1000, having problems, too much string is released while in use. Have to stop every couple minutes to rewind string. Is there a recall on this model of GH? Need help, thanks.

  8. Rick Leguee says:

    GH-1000 Type4
    The line spools out excessively, bits & pieces cut & bruise my Lady’s legs when she uses it. Is there any recourse to this (defective?) piece of equipment? I would really like some money back towards the purchase of a different model.

  9. Ken Minter says:

    Just saw this recall, how do I get the repair kit?

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