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The Japan Woodworker claims this knife is of the traditional style used by Japanese hunters to cut meat in the field. While we can’t find any evidence to back up that claim, it still is one mean-looking knife for only having a 4″ blade.

The deceptively crude-looking knife is actually forged by master blacksmith Kazuyuki Tanaka. He folds  high carbon blue steel with sixteen layers of Damascus pattern soft steel to create a knife that is tough yet holds a sharp edge. To finish off the knife, the handle is simply wrapped with nylon cord.

The knife measures 9″ in length overall, and retails for about $100. It ships razor-sharp with a blade cover and instructions for care.

Hunting Knife [Japan Woodworker]


4 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Japanese Hunting Knife

  1. T says:

    I don’t know what Japanese hunters do, but the blade looks a lot like the innumerable skinning knives I’ve seen over the years. I can definitely see it working for the task.

  2. Bri the knife guy says:

    I am so making one of those, as soon as I finish up my current project.

  3. Shane B says:

    Looks good for skining not so useful for chopping

  4. Steve I says:

    Don’t try to make it your self, the secret is in the different types of steels, high-carbon blue steel in the middle to keep a sharp edge for a long time and soft iron on each side to sharpen very quick, I bought that knife and I just love it.
    the knife you see here is the type B ( with a bigger curve on the blade) and I have the type A(with a straighter blade), and by the way, type B is now discontinued By Japanwood worker.

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