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The handy Pony edge clamp, which allows you to clamp work perpendicular to a surface, is on sale for $7.64 at ANTOnline. While used primarily for woodworking, specifically edging and fastening trim and molding, it also works well for odd welding setups and other lash-ups.

Just a short note on the travails of finding the lowest prices: several places, the typical bottom feeders, showed lower prices in Google shopping. But they either don’t have the item in stock or their website malfunctions. ANTOnline actually shows the shipping up front, which we like. As with anything in Dealmonger entries, it’s always best to shop around yourself and check Amazon to see if the item has free “Super Saver” shipping (this does). The web is a fluid place.

Pony #3325 Edge Clamp [antonline.com]


3 Responses to Dealmonger: Pony #3325 Edge Clamp

  1. fred says:

    At the other end of the price spectrum are the Bessey and Gros-Stabil – one-hand edge clamps that will set you back about $50 each.

    If you already have bar clamps – you might look at the auxilliary handles made by Bessey and Ajustable Clamp for edging. Here’s a link to one type:


  2. jeffrey immer says:

    i bought a bunch of these at harbour freight a few years ago and love them, i got them for next to nothing

  3. Jim Crockett says:

    Does anyone other than me find clamp prices to be ridiculously high? How much can it cost to stamp it into shape, drill and tap a hole or two, and insert a threaded rod with an end attached? I see Wilton C-clamps selling for well over $50. I don’t get it!!!


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