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You’d think there wasn’t much more you could do to improve the trusty old round-point shovel, but Gemcor, maker of the One-Shot Shovel, thinks they’ve found a way. They start with a basic round-point shovel and give it wings — the “wings” provide extra carrying capacity and extra support for your foot when you step on the shovel, and the extra edges cut the ground quicker.

The 2mm steel blade connects to a 32mm diameter by 3mm thick fiberglass handle with a reinforcing metal collar. One version of the shovel has a shorter shaft ending in a D-handle — the other version features a longer straight handle with two rubber grips that wrap around the handle, an adjustable lower grip and a fixed upper grip with integrated hanger.

Pricing for either shovel starts at $30.

One-Shot Shovel [Corporate Site]
One-Shot Shovel
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3 Responses to One-Shot Shovel

  1. Michael Spencer says:

    Ever look at the shovels that professional landscapers use? It’s SMALLER, not bigger, and for a darn good reason: even the brawniest guy can’t carry load after load after load all day.

    They also have a flat camber.

    Makes you wonder who designed these things, and for whom.

  2. Jim says:

    Landscapers us a flat shovel, because that is what is good for that job. A flat shovel and a round point are for two different types of jobs. Try digging a big hole with a flat shovel. Let me know what you find out.

  3. Emilio says:

    The One Shot Shovel is an all around great shovel. It digs trenches much easier,cleaner and faster than a normal round point. The top of the blade gives you great added foot support.The shovel holds more sand,soil and aggregate when needed. It also gives you a directional throw with precise accuracy (ie) wet cement… because of the winged sides. The shovel is great for transplanting flowers and small trees. The shovel weighs the same as a normal round point shovel but performs better.More productivity with less effort.
    It is the best shovel my wife has ever used for all her outdoor needs and she finds the One Shot Shovel ,Fantastic!!!

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