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Detroit-area Toolmongers are probably familiar with Production Tool Supply and their deep discounts on overstocked in-store products. I was picking up some tooling today and saw a set of fifty MIT clamps (labeled “Ton of Clamps”) marked down from $90 to $30.  MIT’s a pretty good manufacturer, so you can expect a lengthy service life.  Sizes range from tiny 2”-jaw spring clamps to 3′ Quick Grip-style framing clamps.

It’s in-store only, so anyone in Michigan can be knee-deep in clamps for a three-pack of X-bills.  Or you can shimmy over to the Andersons’ website to pick up the same product for $38 before shipping.

MIT Ton o’ Clamps [The Andersons]

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6 Responses to Dealmonger: MIT Ton O’ Clamps

  1. jeffrey immer says:

    i personally say not worth the money, for starters at least twice a week i get HF coupons that sell those same thing for next to nothing, next those bar clamps are next to worthless, they fall apart when you try to clamp them down tight, the spring ones can be good, but either they are too loose, or break if you try to clamp them on to something just a bit larger than it’s supposed to go. wait for HF to sell their expansive array of C clamps they have several large sizes, and will put them atleast one variety on sell every week, and they are not the best c clamps but i have yet to completly destroy one yet

  2. Jason says:

    Its just my opinion, but I don’t see how any store can get away with charging the original price of $90 for that clamp set. I bet Harbor Freight has the samething for $30 or less every day.

  3. george says:

    i’m giving up on plastic clamps. after a while they start to break. just not worth it to me.

  4. Fabian says:

    Those long clamps are worth the 30 bucks alone, HF or not…


  5. Ted says:

    Those plastic squeeze clamps are horrible, they might be useful for holding popsicle-stick & glue projects together in Sunday school but my guess is the five years olds’ will reduce Mrs McGillicuddy to tears with all the new words she learns from them…

    Run away…

  6. Zathrus says:


    No, really, they’re not… the “long clamps” are 2 36″ clamps, which run about $6-7 on sale at HF. The next longest are 2 12″ clamps, which you can generally get in a kit with most of the other crappy clamps for about $7.

    I’ve got a bunch of clamps from HF of this type (both bar and spring). The mini spring clamps are, as expected, only useful for really small projects, but they work just fine for them. The larger spring clamps (4″ and 6″) have decent pressure, but certainly nothing like a C-clamp. But they’re not really serving the same purpose IMO.

    The bar clamps are fine… I have had a 18″ or 24″ (I forget) bar clamp break on me, since the innards are all plastic too, but HF replaced it with no questions asked. They may not be up to contractor use, but for homeowner use (including building a 16′ workbench) they’re just fine.

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