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You carry a pen around religiously, but wouldn’t it be nice to have calipers always handy? If you owned a Messograf caliper pen from Cleo Skribent, you’d always have calipers.

Built into the retractable ballpoint pen is a 4″ Vernier caliper that measures in increments of both 0.1mm and 1/16″. The pen also functions as a metric screw thread scale and a tire tread depth scale.

Made in Germany from chrome-plated brass, the Messograf caliper pen retails for about $27 or so depending on the exchange rate, but you can find it as low as $20 before shipping.

Messograf [Cleo Skribent]
Messograf [Garrett Wade]
Messograf [Passion4Pens]


4 Responses to Always Have Calipers On Hand

  1. blore40 says:

    How did the swiss army knife guys miss this one?

  2. Justin says:

    I don’t understand how its a tread depth gauge. Where is the zero point to put on the base of the tire surface?

  3. @Justin:

    Take a look at this image:


    Looks like the other side has a different scale that is used in conjunction with the clip.

  4. Reagen says:

    @justin, there is a scale on the bottom near the tip. You slide the clip down and it protrudes into the groove of your tire tread, with the retracted pen tip on the tread. Works pretty well.

    It’s a good pen, definitely solid and gadgety, but it really doesn’t have a great feel. It will live in my briefcase and be used, but it won’t be my primary writing instrument.

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