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Toolmongers with feet that would impress a yeti know the pain of trying to find a good pair of work boots. Wide-footed individuals the world over have leaned towards New Balance products for ages, but New Balance doesn’t make work boots, do they?  Well, sort of:  Rockport Works, a work shoe manufacturer, contracts with New Balance to design their foot beds and toe caps, leaving the uppers, tongue, and lace arrangement for themselves, at least according to Moe at Harry’s Army Surplus.

True or not, I recently replaced my tired (and crappy) Goodyear work boots with a pair of Rockports, and they fit my 12EEE feet better than just about any other shoe I’ve ever tried. They’re steel caps, but still comfortable enough for everyday wear, which is a pretty remarkable achievement. The Rockports are on par with other high-quality boots from Red Wing, Wolverine, and other manufacturers.

They list for $134, but the guy behind the counter at your local retailer might be able to cut you a deal.  If your feet are a weird size, it’s an investment worth looking into.

Rockport Shoes [Rockport]
Rockport Works Fury Boots [The Sportsman’s Guide]

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3 Responses to Rockport Boots

  1. Matt T. says:

    You can sometimes find these shoes at places like DSW. Of course, never in my 13W size. But if you are a 9 or something, you might grab some for a bit less that retail.

  2. Richard K says:

    You might also try a brand called Dunham. I believe they are New Balance’s work shoe line. Also, according to Zappos.com, New Balance DOES make a boot:http://www.zappos.com/product/7425412/color/6

    You might also want to try LLBean. I have a pair of their boots that are quite old and seem VERY durable, and they have EE widths.

  3. DW says:

    I have been wearing Red Wing Worx oxfords, real comfy. They have held up pretty well too, they are regular black leather so you can dye and “shine” them up when they get too scruffy. I have wide feet and high arches and the little Red Wing store had no problem with my feet.

    I think people are too used to getting shores/boots at Wal-Mart(not a Wal-mart basher, just an example) or whatever and forgetting that shoe stores are still out there and are probably your best choice if you have feet that are outside of the average…

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