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Meteor’s Spark Doctor is yet another multi-tool, but this time they’ve specialized it for working with spark plugs. This multi-tool boasts eight different tools for removing, tuning, and cleaning your plugs.

As always, we’re skeptical about the number of tools a multi-tool packs — sometimes marketing departments like to be sneaky and claim a lanyard hole or carrying case as a tool or function. So let’s enumerate the tools, shall we?

  • 5/8″ socket
  • 3/4″ socket
  • 13/16″ socket
  • Brass brush
  • Metal file
  • Metal pick
  • Gap gage
  • Gapping tool

The metal file and metal pick are part of the same tool, kind of like the wire stripper is part of the flat screwdriver blade on Leatherman and Swiss Army Knives. If they can get away with it, why not Meteor? All these tools fold into a soft-grip handle.

The Spark Doctor can be had for less than $20 before somebody tries to gouge you with shipping.

Spark Doctor [Meteor]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Spark Doctor [Sears]


2 Responses to Lost That Spark In Your Life? Call The Spark Doctor

  1. Huh? A special tool for a job that can be done with tools I already have, and which on any modern car only needs to be done every few years??

  2. David Bryan says:

    I wonder who the first one to call that little wire-bending notch on a swiss-army knife a wirestripper was. It was either a mean so-and-so or just somebody with a sick sense of humor. Why you’d want to think that thing was a wirestripper when it’s sitting right next to a perfectly good knife blade is a mystery of human nature. Did you ever wonder why that gets called a wirestripper, when real wirestrippers are accurately sized and designed to actually remove insulation from real wires? I’m sure there’s some wire somewhere that thing’ll strip successfully, but for most wires it’s either too big, too small, or too dull. It does make a dandy wire-bender, which I believe is what they used to call it long ago.

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