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There are times when words don’t properly express how clever something really is. A good friend of ours stopped by the shop the other day and had cause to bust out his wallet. We had to stop him and check it out ourselves to fully understand the craftiness of his creation. It’s a wallet made entirely of Duct Tape.

Sure, you see that kind of thing on cutesy websites every once in a while, but never have I seen one in use for practical reasons. Our very sensible homie simply saw no use in spending cash on a new wallet when he could make a custom one himself from of Duct Tape he found in the shop.

We stood in awe. Not only had he replicated his old wallet almost perfectly but the new silver model was both as thick as a regular leather version and just as durable – except against water. Plus when it starts to wear out, he either replaces sections or makes a new one altogether.

Other might smirk at his creation but our hats are off to our friend Juan and his badass shop-built wallet.

Duct Tape Street Pricing [Google Products]


6 Responses to It’s Just Cool: The Ole’ Duct Tape Wallet

  1. Ted says:

    I made a couple of these guys back in highschool; a friend of mine used the one I made her for 3 or 4 years, so they definitely work. Also, duct tape! I actually ended up losing mine in a concert pit (also gained a concussion) and lost my totally sweet duct tape chain I made for it

  2. heywood says:

    the real trick is to know what quality duct tape to use…I prefer intertape’s ac45 or ac50. They are expensive, but the stuff is named for the pounds of pulling they can sustain.

    has anybody ever thought of making a gaffer’s tape wallet? would it work? what about a gaffer/duct tape frankenwallet?

  3. michael says:

    I used to do this. The biggest problem for me was that my butt heat would slowly melt the glue on the tape over time, and the glue would get on my license and credit cards and stuff. They wouldn’t get sticky, but would just have an ugly looking black crud on them from it. They’re still pretty awesome though.

  4. Doug says:

    The so-called “cutesy” models sold by, for example, Ducti uses the beloved silaver material … without the adhesive. No problems with butt heat and gooey glue. I’ve had two so far and the only complaint I have is with the clear plastic thing to hold photos. If I could find a source to replace that part I would still be on my first.


  5. Mister Peepers says:

    I had a Ducti wallet, and when that wore out, I made a wallet out of Gaffer’s Tape, which uses a non-gooey adhesive, so butt-heat won’t be an issue, and Gaffer’s Tape is available in many colors, including glow in the dark.

    I’ve had my Gaffer’s Tape Wallet for over two years, and it’s doing great. I did use a grommet in each top corner to hold it together better. I copied that from my Ducti wallet.

  6. rjerryc says:

    Hmm – maybe if I lived behind a dumpster and spent my days sitting on a corner with a sign asking for money (followed by “God Bless, of course) I might just want one of these. As to the ones made to look like duct tape without being the real deal – – isn’t that just too fake?

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