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The definition of picturesque is “striking or interesting in an unusual way.” Striking: that about sums up this photo of reader Sidney French’s brother’s workshop. Even if you’d never seen a shop in your life you’d know what this is with just one look.

More than just a place to build things, this spot, wherever it is, has so much character I’d spend most of my waking moments in it if it were mine. Someone spends a lot of time here or should. From the dozens of new and old projects to the homebrew storage, quiet improvements have been going on here for a long time.

Our hats off to both the guy this shop belongs to and to Sidney for taking photo.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


6 Responses to Flickr Pool: Beautiful Workshop

  1. jeffrey immer says:

    what an amazing space

  2. dlone says:

    Beautiful. All it needs is a line shaft running the length of the ceiling powering some belt-driven machines.

  3. Gordon DeWitte says:

    If Sidney’s brother is looking to adopt someone, I’m available.

  4. heywood says:

    sometimes I wish I had a dad/granddad who had a hankerin’ for having a shop like this…and the means to make it happen.

  5. Brau says:

    Now that’s a shop that shows a lot of real work gets done, unlike some ‘showroom’ shops where it appears the owner spends most of their time cleaning and rearranging the tools for mere display.

  6. rjerryc says:

    I agree with the line shaft idea. A batch of big pulleys and belts and such and I’d be ready to trade my house for this shop.

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