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Nothing like the smell of WD-40 in the morning. And now you can have it from the WD-40 Trigger Pro, which is a non-aerosol can that looks like a spray bottle including spray or stream settings. You could always just buy the WD-40 Spray Applicator tube for a regular can, but then you’d miss out on paying an extra three bucks for the squeeze spray — and where’s the fun in that?

Perhaps, because it’s a plastic bottle, it’s less durable than the Trigger Pro? It would be nice if it were refillable, but it’s not; however they tout its easy disposability and “recyclable steel packaging.” Is this marketing trying to grab another few dollars from you? You bet it is. The new form factor does give you another WD-40 option in addition to the Smart Straw and No-Mess Pen previously seen on Toolmonger.

Side note: John S. Barry, an executive who helped popularize WD-40, died recently (July 3) at the age of 84.

WD-40 Trigger Pro [Manufacturer’s Site]
John S. Barry [New York Times]


3 Responses to WD-40 Trigger Pro

  1. Jim says:

    WD40 sucks, PB blaster is better! I heard Kroil is even better, but haven’t tried it.

  2. MR P says:

    jim where would mouse milk line up with PB and kroil

  3. kyle says:

    it has it place bt it is’nt as a penatrating oil. It does work to keep fan belt from squeaking and preventing rust. What I want to do is buy a gallon of WD-40 and one of those refillable aerosol can that you pressurize from an air compressor.

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